​​​Genuine Media Audiovisual supplies diverse digital solutions for government institutions with advanced technology integration and managed digital signage networks. We use recognized EPEAT manufacturers; GMAV is committed to developing a complete solution tailored to a variety of government agencies on both the state and local level.
Civilian offices
Passport offices
Social Security offices
Post offices

From information, to the internet, to broadcast content, GMAV  delivers high performance and reliable commercial displays solutions that start with our broad range large screen government LCDs, desktop LCD monitors, and presentation products. Our vertical market managers have the expertise to develop the right digital solution bundle to help enhance and improve visual communications.

Emergency alerts - Notify staff and visitors of emergencies and communicate instructions for dealing with the situation (i.e. evacuation information, safeguard personal items, take shelter immediately, etc.)
Way finding - Touch screens can be used to direct traffic within an office building, as well as a searching kiosk to locate names, contact information, location, and schedules for staff.
Communicating security information/rules/regulations/best practices - Ongoing communications to educate and update individuals regarding new security information, current threat level, and best practices.


Roads – Motorways – Underground Railways – Trains –Trams – Tunnels – Airports – Waterways – Bridges

With the ever-growing volume of traffic, increasing accident numbers, fires in road and rail tunnels, assaults, vandalism and traffic congestion, the constantly expanding traffic network and also environmental concerns in the field of transport it is now essential that data and information received from traffic detectors, traffic signals, surveillance cameras or other sources are centrally administered, monitored and distributed in a control room, for example, in a traffic or tunnel control center. This guarantees prompt checking and management of the data and therefore an increase in productivity, efficiency and mobility.

The safety of roads, tunnels, motorways, rail networks, waterways and air traffic largely depends on the availability and readability of the data and information in the control room. The automatic choice for the operative tasks in a central control room is therefore a video wall system.

All applications, data and video signals can be displayed in real time, so that even in extreme situations a rapid response is possible, enabling appropriate measures to be implemented immediately. 

In this sector, for instance, the following information will be visualized:
Graphics (maps, road or rail networks, time-tables …), GPS applications, camera signals, traffic detectors, signal systems, fan and ventilator status indicators, alarm signals and other monitoring systems.


Energy Production -power plants -energy distribution -energy networks -power transmission-municipal utilities-waste incinerating plants

Because of the growing demand for energy, there is also a need for efficient methods of monitoring procedures and systems. In this field, large data displays in conjunction with SCADA systems are generally used for monitoring and management centers. The operators must be supplied in real time with intelligent, clearly-displayed data. Ibis information consists mostly of flow charts, energy networks, pipelines and voltage overland lines, gauge readings, pressure levels, pump and valve adjustments. Further applications which must be displayed are SCADA and DCS applications, graphic representations, production overviews, network tables, camera signals, customer-specific software and applications concerned with transmission, distribution and production. An optimal and reliable visualization solution makes a decisive contribution to the prevention of breakdowns.


Sewage plants, water services, hydro-electric plants, dams

In the field of water supplies, sewage plants, and water works, the greater demand for water, together with climate change and the increased volume of waste water, has inevitably led to an increased volume of data. This information must then necessarily be displayed in more detail as well as presented in a user-friendly format. As the standard solution in control rooms for SCADA and DCS systems, large-screen systems are the unquestionably preferred. The operators can monitor video walls, flow charts, pumps, valves, pressure gauges, volume indicators, counters, status information, and more in real-time. At the same time, it is also possible to visualize on the video wall information from surveillance cameras at strategic locations.

This means that comprehensive monitoring of a production and processing plant is possible, ensuring that defects and breakdowns can be swiftly identified and rectified. A primary concern here is also the safety aspect, which has a great influence on the productivity and efficiency of such an installation.


Control Centers – Fire and Rescue Services - Command Centers – Air Traffic Control – Coastguards

Rising crime rates, vandalism, and terrorism, as well as an increasing number of conflict zones, have led to an increased need for observation systems in the field of security. Generally speaking, security centers have a variety of video camera streams, as well as other sources that have to be constantly monitored.

Reliable and robust systems are needed, whereby particular care must be taken to respect data protection laws when handling private and confidential data. Video wall solutions should therefore be suitable for connection to installations carrying such data.

Reliable and real-time access to such sensitive data must be guaranteed in a continuously operating system. Needed here are presentations, graphic representations (maps, networks), GPS applications, monitoring systems, video signals, tactical applications, PCs, etc.

Control rooms in this field support decision management, crisis management, infrastructure protection, CCTV surveillance, flight control, mobile command centers for modern warfare, control of troop movements, parameter control, protection from attack, radar observation, etc.

Specifically designed GMAV systems have also been provided for requirements in the security sector and have demonstrated their superior quality in numerous installations. As a rule, applications in this field must be carefully customized to fulfill client specifications.

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