Content Manager

GMAV’s Content Manager Platform leverages a decade of development and deep, direct industry experience to deliver a sophisticated planning, distribution and management system for digital signage networks. Content Manager provides a wide range of capabilities and an open architecture that allows users to customize the solution to fit their needs.

The Content Manager Content Manager is a Web-based system that enables users to create, manage and measure highly-targeted digital screen networks with minimal strain on time, resources or budgets. Content Manager combines Network and Content management together to provide a complete digital signage solution for businesses large and small. 

The Content Manager is the heart of the Content Manager Platform which is also complemented by the On Site Manager portal through which users can create and manage local messages, the Interaction Manager which supports the creation of Interactive Experiences that bridge Digital Screens and Mobile phones, and the Content Manager API which provides the means by which to integrate with other Enterprise Systems.

Content Manager is “Leapfrog” technology that enables users to efficiently manage large digital signage networks. Leveraging a 10-year heritage of experience, innovation and excellence, Content Manager provides a comprehensive platform upon which to build a business the increases revenues, while decreasing costs. 

Read more to learn why Content Manager has been rated as the industry’s leading solution for three years running.

Features & Benefits

Fully web-based, SaaS solution

Nothing to install. Nothing to maintain.
Manage your network from any location using just a web browser.
All management, including player updates, takes place over the Internet

Rich Media Support

Supports all common audio, video and Flash formats
Fully searchable content database
Upload any type of content with powerful metadata management and automatic thumb nailing, rating and tagging
Wealth of built in components : RSS, Media RSS, text, streaming video, video in, weather, clocks, QR codes
Full text search as well as filters to help you quickly find and organize your content

Compelling Visual Experiences

Using an intuitive drag and drop layout scheme, create a screen layout that compliments your content
Create an unlimited number of content zones, each with their own playlist.
z-ordering and transparency
Synchronized content elements
Event driven content presentation
Determine at run-time which content to play using conditional expressions. 

Powerful scheduling

Superior media targeting and scheduling capabilities
Pick the program model that best suits your business
explicitly schedule content, match content based on tags, or target content using dynamic campaigns. 
Schedule your content playout using flexible daypart-based time tables. 
Schedule your changes today, or months in advance.

Target your Content

Finely target advertising based on sites, demographics, time of day and specific screens
Smart targeting assistance with predictive playback feature
Control over what plays and when
Ability to target specific screens
Different types of playback - random, deterministic, sequential, n-times
Support for in-house booking/management software
Automatically pull in demographic data from census statistics

Multi-Channel Messaging

Build cross-channel marketing channels to ensure that your message is received and reinforced.
Support for Digital Signage, mobile, and web based delivery from within a single campaign.
Mobile provides the means by which to interact with the customer through QR codes, URLs and interactive applications.
Track customer interest via the Interaction Manager

Customizable Reports

Generate the reports you need to run your business efficiently
Tracks screen and player operation by second
File play affidavits generated for content accountability
Content usage, content playback, data transfer, player health, campaign reports
Flexible output - web, pdf, csv

Data Driven Content 

Control playout and content using data from local devices, the net, or corporate data stores
Add event handlers to tracks, zones, or entire programs.  
Use commands to control playout and external devices
Create your own data model using player variables
Target data using the campaign system
Comprehensive web services API to enable enterprise integration and customization 

Integrated Network Manager

Organize your Sites in a way that reflects your business.
Set up your network according to sites in your organization and assign players to sites
Enables better upfront management as you set up your network in advance of physical deployment
Supports better ongoing management as you can upgrade/change players without changing the network
Configurable filters to target groups of sites or groups of content
Customizable dashboard lets you focus on what is critical for your network

Intuitive User Interface

Web-based drag and drop interface to enable users to build almost any content experience.
Point and click to create independent or synchronized zones
Graphics and charts are used to present information at a glance
Drill-down to detail, or see your network at a glance

Enterprise ready

Role based user interface
Control who has access to what
Track history of changes
Detailing logging and reporting
Use notifications to support unattended operation or to build workflow processes
Control your site inventory
Free-form threaded notes fields and data can be maintained on a site by site basis
Extensive Web Services API for data and content integration

Network friendly

Leveraging best practices, integrates into almost any enterprise network

Schedule when players can utilize network resources
Control bandwidth utilization
Separate schedules for command & control, content and auditing information
Define which protocols the players use to communicate, selecting from FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS
Monitor players using Content Manager  and/or SNMP​